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House Cleaning by Lolita offers a wide variety of quality services designed to fit your cleaning needs and budget; and we are open to customized cleaning that fits your exact taste. Browse the following list:

*General Cleaning ( Thorough cleaning of kitchen, bathroom(s), living rm., dining rm., bedrooms, vacuuming and mopping of all floor areas)

*Deep/ Sanitizing Cleaning (General Cleaning plus cleaning of baseboards, walls, window ledges, oven, and refrigerator)

*Spring Cleaning (General Cleaning plus cleaning of baseboards and window ledges)

*Light Clean-Up (Sanitizing Cleaning of kitchen, bathrooms, light dust removal, vacuum.)

*Chandelier Cleaning (Smoke and Dust Removal from Crystals and/or globe, cleaning and restoration of sparkle and shine of each crystal and/or globe)

*Blinds Cleaning (Dust and Debris Removal from blinds and washing of blinds)

*Upholstery Cleaning( Pet and odor removal from furnishings and/or steam cleaning/ shampooing of furnishings)

*Carpet Steam Cleaning ( Spot Cleaning, Pet and Odor Removal, Sanitizing Cleaning)

*Customized Cleaning ( The Cleaning designed by YOU to suit your specific taste)*

Now that you have finished browsing the Services list, what are you waiting for?

Call Now and schedule our Marvelous Service to you

(202) 246-7107


Please Note: There is a fee charged at the owner's discretion for all appointments

not cancelled/rescheduled 24 hours in advance.

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